Hear Their Testimonials

To put it simply Leith is a master of his craft and an amazing acupuncturist.  He possesses a demeanor that is calm and soothing and is extremely receptive to your needs and concerns before he even breaks out a needle.   He’s treated me for both physical and emotional issues and I can say that the results have been extraordinary.   The people of Hawaii are lucky to have him.

F.R. Portland, OR.

Having been marked on my pediatrician’s chart as “doesn’t do well with needles”, I was very hesitant to try acupuncture.  I was convinced that after multiple recommendations, I had to try it to relieve my seasonal allergies. Leith exceeded all my expectations. His approachable and welcoming nature puts you at ease and his technique is so gentle that within the first few visits I had no anxiety at all.  Leith eradicated my seasonal allergies, saved me from numerous colds and illnesses, and eased my bones and muscles back into shape.  And on top of that, I enjoyed my regular sessions as a combination of therapy, deep relaxation, and self-care. I tell people he was my general practitioner; no need for anyone else and if I did, he had the recommendation.  When I moved to NYC, I relished my monthly trips back to Portland with the opportunity to get a treatment. I guess I’ll just have to fly to beautiful Hawai’i now!  Leith’s generosity of spirit is proven in his selfless approach to his healing modality.


After four years of failed attempts working with MD pain specialists, chiropractors, and physical therapists on my lower back pain I was finally able to find lasting relief from Leith Nippes.  He immediately zeroed in on my core issues and with his clever and expansive skill level was able to set up a treatment plan that had me moving and dancing and living in a pain free way after five weeks.  He is a healer I would recommend to my entire community but then I wouldn’t be able to get my own appointments with him.

A.R. Portland, OR.

Leith worked on me weekly for almost 4 years…through my pregnancy and countless injuries. I always got amazing results after his treatments. Leith is extremely knowledgeable about anatomy, energy channels, and Chinese herbs, not to mention that he uses a variety of techniques based on the individuals’ needs. I highly recommend him to anyone needing help with muscular pain or emotional issues.

A.M. Portland, OR.

Leith is an exceptional acupuncturist.  He was able to make my tennis elbow of nearly a year go away and also treated me for chronic neck and shoulder pain due to a herniated disc.  In addition to relieving the pain he taught me how to keep it at bay in between treatments.  His is very knowledgeable and compassionate.  I would recommend him for not only your problem areas, but for your general health.

T.S. Portland, OR.