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We all need health care that is as unique as we are! That’s why at Port City Integrative Health, we use a big tool kit to provide you with the treatments and services necessary to RECOVER from your health conditions. It is not just about merely surviving, but THRIVING!


Have you tried acupuncture yet? Join the millions of people who have a story about how it helped them! ...

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Moxibustion is an ancient therapy from Asia, but is simply perfect for us northern New Englanders! Moxibustion involves the ...

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Sotai is a form of body movement re-education, which serves to identify and remove discomfort–wherever it may hide in ...

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Natural Supplements

Natural supplements can provide the body with the nutrients it needs to optimize structural integrity and improve overall cellular ...

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There is a reason why homeopathy has survived and even thrived for centuries: It just works! The field of ...

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