A new diagnosis of cancer can be a powerful driving force to help you make positive changes that translate to a healthier lifestyle and more meaningful life experiences.

Many patients living with cancer want to make sure they are doing everything they can to return their bodies to health. All the information available today regarding the dos and don’ts of cancer treatment can be overwhelming. It is crucial to work with a clinician who is up-to-date with the latest in cancer research and naturopathic treatment protocols. We can help make sense of all this information and educate you on which treatments can help your cancer therapy work better and which supplements should be avoided. Dr. Hardy uses many modalities (such as diet, natural supplements and acupuncture) to help the immune system target cancer cells and–very importantly–help mitigate the difficult side-effects of cancer treatment. Our goal is to help you move through your cancer treatment as smoothly as possible. Natural medicine can help your body gain the upper hand and prevent recurrence in the future. Let now be the time to make empowering decisions for your health!