Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food.

We will guide you to choose foods that help the body heal and function optimally without feeling deprived and unsatisfied. With every health condition, it is crucial to clearly assess one’s dietary intake because some foods can be a source of inflammation and contribute to disease development. Most everyone will agree it does not make sense to take a bunch of pills when you may be eating something everyday that is contributing to your symptoms. We will help you incorporate foods that serve as medicine for the body so your body can heal. Making healthy food choices are your best way to prevent the development of chronic disease.

The word “lifestyle” is often thrown around in discussions of health and wellness, but what does this really mean to you?

Some people often feel guilt when they hear the word because they think they may not get enough exercise, drink sufficient water or sleep an optimal number of hours. Yes, these things are important contributors to health and wellness, but let’s shift lifestyle to a concept that focuses on “quality of living ”. How do you feel within your body when you take a moment to “check-in”? Is your nervous system relaxed or do you often feel tense? Do you make sure to incorporate things into your day that make you feel happy (or can you even identify what these things may be)? Or do you feel like you can never find enough time or energy to fulfill your chosen obligations and do proper self care? We will help you assess the way you walk through life to bring more quality of living and deeper level of healing.